Doing business in Germany

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The number of foreign companies entering the German market is increasing steadily. In the past mainly global players or international orientated bigger firms went to Germany. However, the number of small and medium-sized foreign companies entering the Germany market is growing rapidly. For these kind of businesses we are providing special services. On this website we will publish articles describing economical, legal and tax issues to be considered if doing business in Germany.

There are already various articles on the website of the IAPA International Association of Professional Advisers.

Doing business in Germany – Decentralisation and Football

This article points out why Germany is a decentralised country and economy. It has its routs in Germany’s history.

For foreign companies it is important to know which region or city is the right place to start business activities in Germany.

Doing business in Germany: Companies or partnerships

In the majority of countries the legal form of a partnerships is used by professionals like lawyers or certified public accountants or as the form to hold real estate property.

In Germany partnerships are widely used for business and trade activities. A very common form is the partnership with limited liability (GmbH & Co. KG). Foreign companies should take this into consideration when entering the German market.

German Taxation: Tax legislation not in line with EU-law?

German tax legislation breeches often EU freedom right. Especially foreign companies should be aware of this fact in order to avoid unwanted tax scenarios.

Other articles of interest can be found on IAPA’s website.

Author: Peter Scheller, Tax Adviser – Master of International Taxation,


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