About Zoll-Recht-Steuern

A blog, three subjects: Customs, Law, Taxes.

Zoll-Recht-Steuern means in German: Customs-Law-Taxes.

Zoll-Recht-Steuern is a platform for specialists and advisers who focus on Custom Duties, Excise Taxes, Value Added Tax, International Taxation, Taxation of Business Entities and all kind of Legal Issues. The specialized network supports industry sectors such as Logistics, International Trade, Manufacturing, Maritime Sector, Inland Shipping and related sectors.

The main task of this website is to inform managers and staff of these industries. Our short articles inform in several languages about domestic and international topics. To achieve our task we also co-operate with international orientated Legal and Tax Advisers, Custom Specialists, Auditors, Accountants and other professionals.

Please note that the information given on this website does not replace proper legal, tax or business advice.